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All India Bank Employees Association Declare Willful Defaulters


19th July: 51st Anniversary of Bank Nationalisation (19th July 1969)




14:41 18/07/2020:

As per the press release shared to media on 18th July 2020:
From All India Bank Employees Association, we hail the nationalisation of Banks and its 51st Anniversary. In our country, these nationalised public sector Banks have played a very significant and leading role in the broad-based economic development. We are proud that AIBEA played a big role in campaigning and fighting for nationalisation of Banks.

We recall the pioneering role played by our leaders Com Prabhat Kar( former General Secretary of AIBEA) and Com H L Parvana (former Secretary of AIBEA) for leading the struggle and achieving nationalisation of Banks in 1969.

• Today public sector banks have grown in a very big way proliferating• with their branches in every nook and corner.
• Today the total Deposits of all commercial banks is more than Rs. 138 lac• crores. Thus, the savings of the common man is safe in the Banks.
• Today, the common man can enter a Bank branch and access banking• services.
• Today banking credit is made available for all vital and basic sectors –• agriculture, employment generation, poverty reduction, rural development, women empowerment, small, medium and micro industries, health and education, infrastructure development, exports, etc. Today public sector Banks are investing huge amounts in Government• schemes and projects thus accelerating development.
• Today public sector banks help in employment generation, both direct• employment and indirect employment.

Public Sector Banks have become the engines of growth and development. Banks are nation building institutions and we must strengthen these Banks.

While public sector banks have a done yeomen services in the last five decades, they need to be strengthened and taken forward to cater to country’s self-sufficiency and Atma Nirbhar Bharat,

Atma nirbhar or self-dependency cannot be achieved by weakening our public sector banks or by privatizing our Banks. We have very Vitter experience of private Banks in our country.

The only major problem faced by our Banks is the bulging and alarmingly increasing bad loans by the private companies and corporates. If tough action is taken on them and money is recovered, our Banks can play a bigger role in national development.

The present practice of giving concessions to the defaulters and burdening the banking public with lesser rate of interest on their savings and increase in service charges should be stopped.

While celebrating the Bank Nationalisation Day, the following are our demands and we shall continue our campaign on the same.

Strengthen public sector banks

• Provide adequate capital to all the Banks
• Stop attempts of privatization
• Take stringent measures to recover corporate bad loans
• Make willful default of bank loan a criminal offence
• Publish all the names of loan defaulters
• Bank defaulters from holding public office and to contest elections
• Strengthen recovery laws – review IBC
• Increase interest rate on Deposits
• Reduce service charges to common people to access banking service
• Provide adequate staff in Branches to improve customer service
• Merge all RRBs with sponsor Banks

AIBEA will shortly undertake nationwide campaign on these demands.

To start with, we are today releasing the list of 2426 borrower accounts who are WILFUL DEFAULTERS and together owe the Banks Rs. 147,350 crores.

Press release on wilfull defaulters.doc
wilful defauters 200 CR AND ABOVE.pdf